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Welcome to Kismet Introductions. 

At Kismet Introductions we offer an exclusive matchmaking service for Sikh and Punjabi community living in the UK. We provide a traditional personal introduction service, whilst appreciating the needs of modern day Sikhs.  We will work closely with you to learn more about you and get an in-depth insight into the qualities and core values that you are seeking in your potential partner.  

In today's modern day society, despite having so many forms of communication, people are finding it increasingly difficult to connect and find a marriage partner.  


In recent years online dating sites have become increasingly popular, but many people have had bad experiences or found that users misrepresent themselves, leading to wasted time, frustration and disappointment.

People have realised that Internet dating is not for them and they are now looking for safer and more reliable alternatives to finding their perfect marriage partner.

Our members appreciate the privacy provided by Kismet Introductions as their profile and photos are not displayed online and will only be seen by a select few and contact details are only shared with their consent.  

At Kismet Introductions we do not inundate our members with matches, but take our time to carefully hand pick the best matches for them.  Our personal service means that we really get to know and understand you, making the whole process relaxed and enjoyable.

Put your trust in us and let us find the one in your Kismet.

Punjabi Matrimonial
Why choose Kismet Introductions? 

Here are just a few of the reasons why people choose us to help them find their potential life partners.

Exclusive - We offer a personal matchmaking service for Sikhs in the UK, dedicated to helping you find your perfect marriage partner.

Your Privacy - Our service is discreet and confidential.   We do not divulge any personal information without your permission.

Your Safety - We screen all members and perform ID checks ensuring your personal safety at all times.  

Personal service - We offer a personal friendly service.  Our team will contact Premium members to find out more about them, identify their requirements and select matches that meet their specific requirements.  We hand pick matches that you personally approve prior to an introduction

Time saving -  We do all the groundwork and ask any difficult questions.  All you need to do is be ready to meet your potential future partner.  We only match you to like minded people, ensuring that your precious time is not wasted.


Kismet Introductions is not a dating site, we offer an exclusive matchmaking service to anyone who is fully committed to finding their partner.


If you are one of the growing number of people who have become exasperated after months or years of browsing internet dating sites without success, in addition to worrying about your personal safety and possible misrepresentation online, then Kismet Introductions is for you. 


We provide a discreet, safe and friendly service. Why wait any longer, start your journey with Kismet Introductions today.

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