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Can I search for matches on the site?

No, This is not a online dating site and therefore profiles are not stored on the website.   We offer a personal matchmaking service to our members, matches are handpicked and members are contacted to view the profile.  We offer complete discretion and privacy to our members.

Is there a fee for registering?

There is no fee for signing up as a basic member. Please contact us for our latest prices and special offers for upgrades to premium membership.


Do I have to provide a photo to register?

Yes. We do ask that you provide us with a photo, so that on members get a complete profile of the person we are introducing them to.  Please note that snap chat photos are not acceptable.  All members agree to our confidentiality terms  at the time of signing up, which offer all our members peace of mind.

Can I keep my profile picture private?

Your profile photo will not be displayed online.  It will only be used when we contact another member for them to view your profile.


Can I register on behalf of a family member or friend? 

No.  Only members seeking a partner can register as this is a personal service in which we get to know you as an individual as well as your requirements and this service is only provided to those members that are committed to finding a marriage partner. 

I do not live in the UK, can I join the service?

No, at this time we are only catering for Sikhs in the United Kingdom.

I am not a Sikh, can I register?

​Yes, you can register your details, however at this time we are catering for the Sikh/Punjabi community.  We will contact you and let you know if we are able to find you a match as suitable matches may still become available.

Can I become a member without submitting my ID?

No, it is a requirement that you submit identification (usually a driving licence) so that we can validate your name, address and date of birth. This gives all our members peace of mind as we are able to verify that you say who you are and are a resident in this country. if you don't have a driving licence you will be able to submit a utility bill that can be used to confirm your name and address.

Will others be able to see my ID documents?

No, these are completely private and will not be shown to anyone or forwarded to any third parties.  


Can I make changes or update my profile?

Yes, if you are a paying member we will compile your profile for you, and ask you to proof-read this.  You are able to contact us to make any amendments.

How many photos can I upload to my profile?

You can upload up to three photos, preferably including a head shot and a full length photo.   Photos uploaded are required to be taken without filters.  Photos that are deemed unsuitable will not be used on your profile.

How long will it take for me to find a suitable partner through this website?

All members will have their own unique experiences on this journey.  At Kismet Introductions we offer you a very personal service with open and honest dialogue throughout your membership period with us.  We will discuss your expectations with you and ensure that they are realistic and achievable. We do not promise you a minimum or maximum number of matches as this will depend on each members individual circumstances. You can be assured that Kismet Introductions will be tirelessly working behind the scenes to find you a match that meets all of your requirements. We do ask all of our members to trust that any matches sent to you by Kismet Introductions have been carefully selected and ask that you do not dismiss matches sent to you based on small differences in your requirements as you maybe surprised and find qualities in a match that you had not even realised you were looking for.  

Will you pass my personal contact details on to a match at the time of an introduction?

Yes, should both parties agree to the exchange of personal contact details, the only details that will be exchanged are first name and contact telephone number.  All other details are confidential and will not be passed to any member unless you have consented to this.  

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