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J Singh

"I initially got connected through to Kismet Introductions through a social networking site. After registering, there was a quick and easy way to arrange an introductory phone call at a convenient time for me via the website. The  call was great as it gave the opportunity for Sharen to provide an overview of the service and get a more in-depth idea of what I was looking for in a partner. Overall I've been really pleased with the service provided by Kismet Introductions - thank you!"


"I'd definitely recommend this service to those who are looking for their future long term partner. It's been really easy to complete my profile and then Kismet Introductions does the rest for you. The service is extremely professional and make sure they take the time to understand what it is you're looking for. It's very different to other online services, which can often be very time consuming."


"Kismet Introductions offer a service which is second to none,  this is not your regular matrimonial site where you do all the leg work spending a lot of time browsing through profiles, Kismet Introductions offer a very professional service where staff are constantly being proactive in their efforts in finding a suitable match for you.

I would highly recommend joining Kismet Introductions if you are serious in finding a suitable match"


"Kismet Introductions isn’t your usual dating site where you spend most of your time browsing through profiles hoping to find your ideal match. Kismet introduction is a bespoke service where you are matched according to your criteria which makes it a little extra special. The service is extremely professional, Sharen has always been very proactive in finding a suitable match and has always kept in contact to see how I’m getting on. I would recommend this service to anyone who is serious about finding a life partner, its quick and easy to set up your profile and the process is efficient"


"I have always been looking for something that caters for my needs, as I have a busy life and something which is more traditional, compared to apps and online dating which I feel is limited in providing a personalised approach. I would fully recommend kismet introductions for anyone looking for a partner within the Sikh community."


"I would highly recommend Kismet Introductions as I like the personalised touch provided whilst match making which was apparent in the initial consultation where they really try to get to know you as an individual and exactly what you are looking for. What I also really like is that they encourage open mindedness when viewing potential matches whilst still taking into account what your preferences are. The element of the "bachola" role that Kismet Introductions take on is quite nice and modern at the same time."


"It's been a great service. Super friendly staff and very easy to setup and start receiving great matches. Especially great for people on the go, who haven't been lucky in love."


"I would highly recommend this service to anyone who's looking for a long term/serious relationship. The service I received was exceptional - there's always someone to talk to on the phone, and emails are answered almost immediately - each time! There's also no long waiting period to get set up and started either. It's all very smooth, simple and speedy and worth every penny. I can't believe I didn't know about this service before!"

Sat Singh

"I have been searching for a life partner for a few years now. My experience with online dating sites had left me somewhat disheartened as people do not appear to have serious intent. I am a modern, professional British-Punjabi, but like many, I respect my heritage and it has influenced who I am. The Kismet team certainly understand this, as well as the sanctity of marriage. 


From the outset, I found the team at kismet introductions highly professional and genuinely caring. They took the time to get to know me as an individual and gain a clear picture of the partner I am looking for. It became evident that they put a lot of time and attention into introducing potential matches. The phrase 'quality and not quantity' comes to mind. The process of introduction they employ is also very professional and dignified. I am highly impressed and would definitely recommend to anyone serious about finding their life partner."


"I found out about Kismet introductions through a friend. Having tried other dating sites and apps I was often left disappointed for various reasons. I decided to try Kismet introductions as it offers a bespoke service by getting to know you as an individual and finds you suitable matches based on that.  I have found the team incredibly professional and approachable. To date I have been very happy with the level of service I have received.  I would recommend Kismet introductions to anyone who is searching for a partner and is seeking a professional dating site with like minded individuals."


"I would highly recommend Kismet Introductions as it's a personal service that's tailored individually. I was impressed how quick they managed to find suitable matches and the process was efficient and timely."


"I would strongly recommend Kismet Introductions. The experience so far has been exceptional and the staff have been very helpful keeping in touch with me about potential matches. Signing up is quick, easy and straight forward. I was then contacted by Sharen by telephone for a consultation, to get an understanding of what I am looking for in my future partner. It was also fantastic to receive some general advice. Thanks Sharen!!"


"I have been a member of other sites, looking to settle down and find a partner who is also Sikh,Jatt. I found this challenging sifting through profile after profile which takes time. This is where i found Kismet on a google search, I joined sceptically hoping they would help me find a partner. A few days later and I had received a bespoke match to my preferences; I have been impressed with the service and professional manner Kismet carry out. I would recommend this service to anyone serious wanting to settle down and find your life partner. I can not find any fault with their services and wish to express my gratitude and can not thank you enough for all your efforts. THANK YOU"

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